Completing homework is the first step toward success in school. we teach children the importance of successfully completing their homework not only to improve performance in school, but to teach them responsibility in daily life.

Reading is the number one skill used every day. We help students develop strong reading skills, grow their confidence and use their imaginations to explore the world through books.

Math skills are also critical to student success. we provide out students tutoring in basic math skills, including money management, to build a strong foundation for the skills they need to succeed in school, in the career, and in life.

The main daily goal of the Center is to make sure that students complete their homework and feel well equipped for their upcoming tests and assignments. We constantly have a need for additional tutors Mondays – Thursdays, from 4:45 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Also, tutors are welcome to come as early in the program as they would like- if you would like to participate in the exercise, bible study, or meal portion of the program, we would be happy to have you! The more time spent with the students, the better opportunities for mentorship.

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