How to Ensure Your Child’s Safety When Playing Outdoors

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How to Ensure Your Child’s Safety When Playing Outdoors

Playgrounds enable children to play, have fun and explore the world. They can move and they can socialize with other kids. But there are cases where unsupervised children may encounter accidents especially when the playground is not properly maintained or if it is not rightly designed. Accidents may occur anytime, so to make sure that your child is safe, here are important tips to keep in mind.

Before you allow your kids to play, you have to make sure of the following:

  • Make sure that the playground is designed in such a way that there is space where adults can supervise their children.
  • The area should not have hazards as they often cause accidents. For instance, there should be no tree branches, trash, broken glass, etc.
  • The playground should be regularly maintained. Major accidents that can be fatal may result from problematic playground equipment. They should be properly maintained. Check out for screws, rust, exposed nails and other loose pieces.
  • When the weather gets really hot, there should be ample shade so kids are not completely exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. If the playground equipment is made from metal, make sure that it’s not too hot.
  • Another thing to examine is the age-appropriateness of the playground equipment. With a wide range of playground sets installed, parents have to be careful since not all of these playground equipment are suitable for their kids’ age. If the park features a playground that is designed for various age groups, you don’t have to worry. But if it is not then you have to monitor them and to limit them to playground equipment suitable for their age. For preschoolers, the areas should have crawl spaces and small steps. The platforms should be low and the ramps should have grips. The slides should not be higher than 4 ft.
  • Kids have the tendency to get really active. Parents need to watch their children all the time. If there are 2 or more adults, it helps to split up so they can watch the kids.

Talking About Playground Safety to Your Kids

Children may appear to be not too concerned about it. But as parents, you need to train your kids. Discuss with them safety rules.For instance, you may want to make playground guidelines that they must follow. For one, your kids must make sure that they can see their teacher. They should take turns when they play on the slide. Avoid being too hyper to the point of hurting another kid. These are just some of the things that you can talk about. For teachers, they can post the said guidelines on the wall of the classroom to remind the students.

Playing outdoors has never been so fun. It is an effective way for kids to develop multitude of skills while at the same time having fun and exploring the world. But for parents, safety will always be one of the primary considerations. By ensuring the safety of your children while playing,you can avoid injuries and other accidents that may result from negligence.

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